En 25 years, Artline Films has produced over 150 films (documentaries, fiction films, feature films) for the main French broadcasters and many foreign channels.

The films cover a wide range of topics, from current affairs and history to art and culture, from science and discovery to social issues and adventure., Many productions garnered prestigious international awards..

Awards and Distinctions

"The legend of the emirs" (2x52') received the award for best pitch in a history class at Sunny Side of the Doc 2013
Directed by Frédéric Compain, This two-part film is produced by Artline Films with the participation of Arte France and RTS, with DFI support and association with Linked Productions.
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Nomination to the French producer's Award 2012 2012
Artline Films has been nominated by the Procirep French producer Award 2012 in the documentary category, among six production companies.
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"Mussolini-Hitler, the Killers' Opera" awarded by the Valladolid SEMINCI.
The film by Jean-Christophe Rosé received a Special Jury Mention in the editing 2012 du festival.

FOCAL Award for "Farewell Comrades! Interactive"
The web documentary "Farewell Comrades !" has been award the FOCAL Award in the category "Best Use of Footage on Non-television Platforms". The FOCAL Awards are dedicated to audiovisual creations using archival footage.
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